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Naomi Thomas

Person-Centred Psychotherapist

I’m a qualified Person-Centred Psychotherapist with years of experience in working within the mental health industry. I’ve worked with children and young people in schools with a range of struggles, children and adults with special and additional needs and both survivors and perpetrators of domestic abuse. 


Within a therapeutic setting, I have worked with struggles such as anxiety, eating disorders, domestic abuse, communication issues, childhood trauma and self-esteem issues.

I recognise that coming to therapy can be a scary experience for some. I strive to create a relaxing and safe environment for my clients to enter into and work towards building a foundation of trust, openness, authenticity and exploration. I encourage clients to share only what they are comfortable with and I work with what is brought. I believe my clients have the power to facilitate change within their own lives and I work alongside them to empower them to seek the change and transformation they desire.

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Naomi Thomas Therapy

No human can promise you security but yourself, no human can build or hold your future without your inner strength, and no one can create or endure your inner strength for you.


You are the key ingredient to your own life.



First Class Honours Degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy

University of Salford



ABC of Trauma Training

Mental Capacity Act

Suicide Prevention Training


Suicidal Ideation, risks and practices


Domestic Violence Training Programme

Understanding Domestic Violence and Abuse Levels 1&2

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Naomi Thomas Therapy Values


Creating a respectable level of openness, where you feel comfortable enough to be open and honest about what you are experiencing, in order to explore struggles and seek breakthrough


In order to create safety, openness and change, compassion and genuine care for another is needed


Connection isn't taken for granted in the therapy room. Building emotional closeness and connection takes time, respect and understanding

Finances should not hold anyone back from accessing the support they need. Therefore, I offer a limited number of sessions at a reduced cost for anyone who is struggling financially.

Please contact me for more information

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